Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions of sale

Astir Refrigerators Industry Ltd
Imittou P.O.Box 70080,
4160 Limassol-CYPRUS

Phone orders: (+357) 25 394086
Monday-Friday 8:30 to 17:30
Orders by Fax: (+357) 25 392756
Orders by E-mail: info@astiref.com

Please read carefully the terms and conditions of our company before placing any order.

If you wish to receive your order to a different address please make sure you declare this during the order processing

The available items are delivered on average within 5 working days. If a specific model is not available for immediate shipment, you will receive it as soon as its available by our suppliers. The company accepts no responsibility for delays caused by third parties.

If you wish to confirm or cancel your order, please contact Customer Services on: (+357) 25 394086

The Company guarantees reliable and first class advice on your purchases.


The prices of the electronic catalogue include VAT and may change at any time without notice.

Payment methods

1. Cash On Delivery: Pick up your package from your nearest courier company of your choice. (e.g AKIS Express, Travel Express) or have your package delivered to your home.

2. Through PayPal: On-line money transfer service that is widely used for secure transactions through the Internet.

Delivery only to Cyprus

1. The products will be dispatched and then can be collected by you at your nearest courier at your own cost.

2. The products can be delivered to your desired address at your own cost.


The Company guarantees reliable and first class advice on your purchases. To fulfill your order we store your personal information and pass it on to third parties. We use your personal data for verification of creditworthiness reasons when it is needed. The data addresses can also be used for promotional purposes by others.

ASTIR REFRIGERATORS INDUSTRY LTD undertakes the repair of appliances free of charge during the warranty period in case the damage is solely due to fault manufacture. Under no circumstances does Astir Refrigerators Ltd undertake to replace the appliance or compensate the buyers. The buyer will exclusively bear the transportation costs to and from the repair workshop.
Any claims that differ or extend beyond what is stated in this warranty will be excluded except for those which are expressly provided by the provisions of the applicable law. On no occasion will Astir Refrigerators Ltd be responsible for incidental or consequential damage of any nature including, indicatively and not restrictively, the lost profits or the business loss.

This warranty is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.

This warranty is valid only if accompanied by the original of the appliance purchase.

ASTIR REFRIGERATORS LTD retains the right to determine the way, time and place of the appliance repair, in its judgement.

The warranty does not cover routine maintenance, connection cables as well as the following cases.
a)    Damage caused by misuse of the appliance (exposure to excessive heat, humidity and hits) and generally by the non-compliance of the instructions of the appliance.
b)    Damage or malfunction caused by abnormalities of supply networks (CEA) or other supplies (e.g liquid gas)
c)    Damage caused by natural disasters such as thunder, flood, fire etc
d)    Damage caused by software installation, modifications, service or repair or opening of the device held by a person not authorized by Astir Refrigerators Ltd.
e)    Damage caused by the use of consumables, accessories or other peripheral appliances which are not relevant to Astir Refrigerators Ltd.
f)    The warranty does not cover appliances which are not in the possession of the first registered owner.
g)    In case of financial suspense towards the company, the above warranty stops being valid and it is cancelled.

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